Transfer from Hoian to Danang for City Tour by private car rental only 55 Usd

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Xin chao! Hello! Welcome to Hoian – Vietnam!

You are staying in Hoian, you are looking forwards private car transfer to Danang for city tour. You can take taxi, motobike or group tour… For more comfortable, Danang ByCar offers Hoian to Danang city tour day trip by private car.

Taxis scams could be a bad experience for tourists to Vietnam and a main reason why so many do not want to return to this amazing country. This is why we set up Danang ByCar. As locals we want your first impression of Vietnam to be a great one. Our excellent transfer services and small group tours, private car will allow you to have an enjoyable and worry free trip! Thank you! Cam on!???

Private car from Hoian to Danang City TourWhat are you waiting for? Contact with Danang Transfer for Hoian to  Danang Day Trip by private car rental  for best price and best service now!

  • We offer transport private service with English Speaking Driver
  • We will charge cheaper price than metered taxi drivers, Grab, Uber, safe & better services
  • All of our cars are very new, comfortable with Air conditioner, free wifi, water, tissue inside
  • Our driver is good training, become a professional driver.
  • No any hidden cost.  No deposit. The payment will be settle directly to driver when you finish the trip

In the morning/ afternoon, Danang ByCar’s driver will meet you at your hotel lobby. After that, we will departure from Hoian to Danang for day trip by Private Car. Fist attraction we will visit is Marble Moutain – a scenic area of ​​Danang, of which the most famous is Thuy Son Mountain with a height of 106 m, 7 ha.

After that, you can see the local life of local people in Non Nuoc Stone Carving in the foot of Marble Mountain. Sightseeing and buy the souvenir made from stone.

Second attraction we will visit is Cham Museum. A museum built by the French, which collects stores and displays artifacts of the Cham sculpture. It has been found in Central of Vietnam. Then driver will drive to good restaurant for your lunch time.

Third attraction we will visit is Lady Buddha in Son Tra Peninsula. Lady Buddha is the largest temple in Da Nang city in terms of scale (about 20 hectares) and architecture art.The last attraction we will visit is Han Market where you can see local market in Danang. After Han Market; driver will drive back to your hotel in Hoian. Settle payment, end of the Hoian Danang Hoian by Private Car!

Price list private car 

Private Car Picture of the car Price USD Price VND
Sedan (Max 3 Pax – 2 Baggages) Sedan ( Toyota Vios, Kia Cerato, Cruze, Mazda 4…) 55 1,265,000
MINIVAN (Max 5 Pax – 3 Baggages) Minivan ( Toyota Fortuner, Inova…) 65 1,495,000
VAN (Max 12 Pax–6 Baggages) Van ( Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace, Huyndai Solati) 80 1,840,000


Inclusion Private Car with driver can speak basic English, Petrol, Road tolls, Parking fee.
Exclusion Meals, Guide, Entrance fee, Personal fee.

# Guide : 

  • If your trip is changed or delayed, please drop us an sms or send us an email before your departure, so we can re-arrange our driver to pick you up at your adress on time.
  • In case airport pick up, your flight has arrived but you cannot find our driver, please call our Hotline/Viber/ WhatsApp/Line/Kakaotalk at (+84) 906574266 0r (+84)  0766611552– English speaking to get you connected to our driver right away.
  • We will not be responsible for any additional cost if you decided to arrange your own taxi by yourself without informing us in advance.
  • Our prices include the driver’s wait time

Pictures of cars

Sedan ( Toyota Vios, Kia Cerato, Cruze, Mazda 4…)

Minivan ( Toyota Fortuner, Inova…)

Van ( Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace, Huyndai Solati)

Booking Private car 

– Email  :
– Phone Viber/ WhatsApp/Line/Kakaotalk free Call or chat: (+84) 906574266 0r (+84)  0766611552

Not only easy booking; but also easy payment – pay after end trip; driver wait for you at hotel lobby with sigh or easy contact him via whatsapp/ Viber/ Line…
All we need from you :

  • Your name, Hotel address
  • Time departure – Your journey

We will send you the price for the trip. Once confirmed by you, we will arrange the service. No deposit, our driver will collect your money when you arrival in your hotel and end the trip

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After that, everything we will do! What are you waiting for? Send us an email; then we will get you back in soonest with best price!


 English Speaking Driver   Value for Money Car fleet
We have a team of English speaking drivers with years of experience serving international tourists. With cheap price but professional service. Our cars are new 2016 – 2017; with free Wi-fi; Baby seat.
Fast Booking Support Team Easy pament
Just a click, you can contact us to book the private car. Our team available 24hour/7 days, we always reply your email in soonest with best price No need deposit; pay direct to driver after end trip.

DANANG BYCAR – Da Nang Car Rental

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