Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay only $64

Cam Ranh 공항에서 Nha Trang까지 자동차 렌트

Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay only $65

Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay only $65 
Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay
Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay
Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay -Car rental service from Hanoi to Ha Long – Quang Ninh –Hanoi to Ha long bay private car – Airport Noi Bai to Ha Long Bay
with the latest variety of cars, luxurious car interiors, creating a cool space, comfortable seats for customers. Full equipment helps customers have comfortable moments on the way. A team of professionally trained drivers (fluent in routes) for safe transportation in accordance with the contract.

Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay only $64 – VEHICLE PRICE LIST  – Hanoi to Ha long bay private car

Range of vehicle 1 way  1 day
sedan ( 4 seat)  64 $ 90 $
miniva ( 7 seat ) 73 $ 100 $
Van (16 seat ) 90 $ 120 $
Vehicles over 16 seats Contact +84966433366

Unit: USD   

Please note the above prices:

  • Included: Gasoline, driver’s salary, tolls, parking…
  • Price includes highway ticket
  • Price does not include 10% VAT (if any)
  • Excludes: arising outside the schedule.
  • Car rental prices may vary from season to season, from time to time, so you can contact the company for a free consultation and quote.

Ha Long in Quang Ninh province is associated with outstanding landscapes such as Ti Top Island, Con Coc Island, Thien Cung Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Ngoc Vung Island, Sung Sot Cave, Dau Go Cave and Bai Tu Long Bay… has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. Coming to Ha Long, you can take a cruise on the bay to see a series of limestone and schist islands with majestic structure and shape. That is why the demand for car rental from Hanoi to Ha Long is increasing day by day, capturing that need of customers, Vip Sedan car company, we would like to introduce car rental service from 7 -45 seats to go. tourism in Ha Long as well as other tourist destinations nationwide.

Vip Sedan is proud to be the car company with the best service quality and price today. With a car system in the northern provinces and more than 200 car partners from 7 to 45 seats in major cities nationwide. Vip Sedan with the slogan “Meet every time, Best price” is committed to bringing satisfaction and meeting the needs of customers.

xe don ruoc san bay result

Planned Roadmap – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

  • Route: Hanoi – Quang Ninh – Ha Long
  • Number of kilometers: 320km (2 ways)
  • Vehicle type: 7 seats, 16 seats, 29 seats, 35 seats, 45 seats
  • Car rental price: Attractive

Car rental service from Hanoi to Ha Long – Quang Ninh with the latest variety of cars, luxurious car interiors, creating a cool space, comfortable seats for customers. Full equipment helps customers have comfortable moments on the way. A team of professionally trained drivers (fluent in routes) for safe transportation in accordance with the contract.

How to rent Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay ?

The form of car rental at VIP Sedan is easy, when you have a need to use the company’s services, you will not need to worry about the procedure as well as how to rent a car. In addition, car rental prices are always clearly listed, drivers are carefully selected, and have specific information to bring safety and satisfaction when customers use the company’s services.

Pictures of Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay :

thue xe ha noi di ha long02

Which car booking method should be preferred at VIP Sedan? – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Customers please call us directly via the switchboard: +84966433366 , when you contact us directly through the switchboard, you will be consulted, quoted service prices, and how to book a car.

Can I get a discount if I book a car in advance?

Normally, VIP Sedan will be based on the route and apply a discount program for you.

What are the benefits of using a VIP Sedan airport taxi?

VIP Sedan always improves customer service, when using airport taxi service, we are committed to 100% punctuality, luxury cars and enthusiastic and attentive service drivers.

Are there any incentives for using VIP Sedan’s taxi service?

The company always has incentives for regular customers and long-term service users, especially the company will support 100% of VAT for the trip you use.

Does the VIP Sedan have a baggage limit?

VIP Sedan has no limit on customer luggage.

Can I book a car for a friend or relative? And how to order a car?

Customers can book unlimited cars for themselves and their loved ones. You can book a car on the website or call the call center to inform the customer service consultant to proceed with the booking.

When booking a two-way car, how long is the waiting time?

For 2-way trips, the free waiting time is 90 minutes, if more than 90 minutes we will charge an additional fee.

Does the listed price list include tolls?

Listed price list of VIP Sedan does not include tolls and VAT.

When booking a two-way car, what is the waiting time and the plane is delayed, can I delay the ride?

In case the plane is delayed, you should immediately contact the VIP Sedan switchboard to provide the flight code. You can delay the ride time when the plane is delayed, you will not have to wait for a fee.

VIP Sedan is always ready to serve you on all roads and at all times. Contact us now for the most satisfying trip.

Top 10 most famous tourist attractions in Quang Ninh – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Quang Ninh is a province favored by nature with many beautiful scenes that attract millions of tourists every year, many of which still keep the wild character that has not been exploited much. This article will briefly introduce the top 10 famous tourist attractions in Quang Ninh.

Ha Long Bay – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Video K4 promoting Ha Long Tourism with international tourists

With a reputation as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, when coming here, visitors can not only admire the natural beauty of 1,900 large and small limestone islands but also many recreational activities here. Ha Long Bay has many islands, caves, beaches, and beautiful landscapes. In addition, the attractive cave system is Thien Cung, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Dau Go cave; Tam Cung cave…

Ha Long is also a place with a convenient location for traffic, so it is one of the hot spots for car rental of Vip Sedan when coming to Quang Ninh .

Quan Lan Island – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

du lich Quan Lan dao
Review pictures of Quan Lan Island tourist spots, collectibles

As one of the most beautiful islands in our country, it still retains its wild character to this day. This island has the characteristics of Bai Tu Long Bay with calm waves; clear green water and beaches with fine white sand and shallow water. Because this island is still unspoiled, the quality of service here is not high and quite expensive. However, the island is close to the shore and the sea is calm with few waves, so the boat ride is not sick, so it is very suitable for a weekend trip to the island with the family.

Tuan Chau Port – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

cang quoc te tuan chauTuan Chau International Port (source of Ha Long Portal , Quang Ninh)

This port is about 20 minutes by car from Bai Chay tourist area. Visitors to Tuan Chau Island can explore a modern man-made beach, dolphin shows for children and beautiful water music. Not only that, visitors can walk to see the most beautiful cruise port in Vietnam.

To Co Island – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

ru%CC%9B%CC%80ng cho%CC%83i nguye%CC%82n sinh wiki
Photo of Primal Forest in Co To ( wiki )

Blessed by nature with the beauty of the clear blue sea and long white sand, tourists coming here also have many beautiful beaches such as Van Chay, Hong Van, Thanh Lan island with many entertainment activities at affordable prices. both quite cheap. More convenient is that the road to get here is easy and fast. In addition, visitors can rent many vehicles: bicycles, motorbikes, tuk tuks to explore places around the island: Cau My rock beach, Co To church, love road, Uncle Ho monument area and especially the lighthouse station to watch the sunset.

Van Don island district – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

van dong

It consists of many small islands scattered throughout Bai Tu Long Bay. It is not only the sea with forests, but also the colors of the clouds and the sky that blend with the shape of the mountains to create a beautiful and poetic picture. Van Don Island is famous for countless types of seafood such as sea worms, tu comei, nail snails, sea worms… In addition, Bai Dai is now quite developed with fun activities on the beach or on the sea such as rowing. boating, water motor driving, beach volleyball.

Cai Chien Island – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

di du lich dao cai chien

Cai Chien is an emerging and unexploited island, so it is still very untouched. In return, Cai Chien does not disappoint visitors because of the very real, very rustic and simple touches of the deserted island.

Three Golden Temple – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Video to discover the secret of Ba Vang Pagoda with hundreds of billions

Ba Vang Pagoda Located on the middle of Thanh Dang mountain is the place to worship the Tam Bao and the largest single wood drum in Vietnam. Ba Vang Pagoda is a famous tourist destination in Quang Ninh with charming scenery. In front of the pagoda, there is a river, with the back leaning against the mountain, on both sides are green pine forests, very suitable for sightseeing.

Mo Stream (Mo Waterfall)

Thac Mo
Thac Mo Stream, still has pristine features (photo by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism )

From the source of Mo stream flowing from Yen Tu, Mo waterfall is located in Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh province, attracting many tourists to visit every year. The scenery here still retains the wild features with the forest on both sides and the white foaming waterfall along with the clear lakes. Visitors come here to have a picnic in the forest on both sides of the river, swim in the waterfall, and also experience services such as swimming in the swimming pool, singing karaoke, enjoying specialties of hill chicken and specialty dishes. Lung Xanh Waterfall, not far from 7km, brings a majestic beauty with high mountains and white water flowing through natural rock layers.

Yen Trung Lake – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

ho yen trung

As the largest lake of Quang Ninh province, when visitors come to visit this place, they can admire the romantic and dreamy beauty. The water of Yen Trung lake is immense. The lake is nestled in a hilly valley surrounded on four sides by a pine forest silhouetted against the clear water.

Luon Cave – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

hang luon
Photo of Hang Luon provided by readers of Thanh Nien newspaper

Located right on Bo Hon island. It is a place with steep cliffs. Four seasons, the water is clear, blue and calm like a mirror. Close to the water’s edge is a bow-shaped gate that opens at the foot of the main island, Luon Cave. Luon Cave is a closed group of islands and is connected to the sea only by a cave gate about 4m wide, 3m high and 100m long. In the cave is a brackish lake surrounded by four mountains, about 1 square kilometer wide. Luon Cave has been selected as the top tourist destination of tourists recently. Here, visitors are free to kayak and canoe on the lake to experience and explore the beauty of the bay.

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Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay – Private car from Ha Long Bay to Ha Noi

Hotline: +84966433366
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Tru: Block 7- Phu Ho Soc Son Hanoi
MST: 0109548725

FACILITIES IN HANOI: – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

– No. 1 Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi
– 227 Tran Thai Tong, Cau Giay, Hanoi
– 68 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da, Hanoi
– 27 Phan Huy Chu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
– 128 Phung Hung, Hoan Sword, Hanoi
– Park 3, Time City, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

OTHER ESTABLISHMENTS: – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay –

– No. 268 Cao Thang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh
– Trang An Hotel Lobby, No. 1 Le Hong Phong, Van Giang Ward, Ninh Binh City
– 24D Hoang Hoa Than Street, Loc Tho, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
– 168 Street Tran Hung Dao, Cua Lo Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang
– 158 Ton Duc Thang, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City
– 268B Le Hong Phong, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
– 389 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Experience of traveling to Co To island, Quang Ninh 2022

Are you planning an upcoming trip to Co To Island, Quang Ninh? To prepare for a wonderful and meaningful trip, let’s learn some Co To island travel experiences.

1. Co To island tourism

Co To is an archipelago in Quang Ninh province, with an area of ​​47.3m2 and about 50 islands east of Van Don. Co To has mountainous terrain, few rivers and streams, surrounded by low mountains and narrow fields. Around the island are sandy beaches and small bays.

The natural scenery on the Co To archipelago is beautiful, with many wild features, clear blue sea, long beaches, fine white sand for you to have a comfortable vacation, integrate with nature and breathe the atmosphere. clean air.

Co To Island travel guide

2. Ideal time to travel to Co To – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

The right time to travel to Co To is from March to May, because the weather is warming up and not as hot as in the summer. This is the best time to travel and swim.

In addition, the period from June to September is also an ideal time for visitors to enjoy their vacation. This time is summer, so the sun is yellow and the sky is blue. However, Co To is an island in the sea, so the weather will often change, there will still be unexpected rains and storms, so you need to regularly monitor the weather forecast for a smooth trip.

3. Move to Co To – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

To get to Co To you have to go 2 ways:

Stage 1: Moving to Cai Rong port

If going from Hanoi, you can take the bus routes to Cua Ong, Van Don and then continue to take bus number 01 to Van Don post office or you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi. Get off the bus, you can walk to Cai Rong port or take a motorbike taxi because the distance is just over 1km. You can ride Kumho Viet Thanh, Duc Phuc or Hoang Long, etc. The driving time is nearly 5 hours.

For groups of young people who like adventure and discovery, they can choose to travel by motorbike in one of the following two routes:

  • Option 1 : Hanoi – National Highway 1A – Bac Ninh – Highway 18 – Pha Lai – Uong Bi – Ha Long – Cam Pha – Cua Ong – Van Don (takes about 5 hours)
  • Option 2 : Hanoi – National Highway 5B (highway) – National Highway 10 – Uong Bi – Ha Long – Cam Pha – Cua Ong – Van Don (takes about 3.5 hours)

In addition, you can use the car rental service  to go to Van Don. Renting a service car, you will go directly to Cai Rong port without having to transfer cars and spend as much time waiting for the car as taking a bus and not as tiring as riding a motorbike.

Stage 2: Moving from the mainland to Co To island – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

From Cai Rong port to Co To island, there are two options: by wooden boat or by speedboat.

Wooden boat : taking a wooden boat can see the sea longer, the travel time is 2 and a half to 3 hours, so those who suffer from seasickness should not take this type of boat. Ticket price from 95-110 thousand VND/person, departing on weekdays from 7am. Only Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays have an additional 13:00 trip. Afternoon return from Co To to Van Don is 7:00 am daily and 13:00 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Go to Co To island by boat
Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

High-speed train to Co To

High-speed train : the travel time of speedboats is faster and usually around 1h15 to 1h30 minutes to Co To. Ticket price is 230 thousand VND/ticket/person. The high-speed train to Co To has many trips and different time frames of the day for you to choose from.
Some high-speed trains you can refer to: Quang Minh, Ka Long, Hoang Vy, Manh Quang, Phuc Thinh, …

4. Moving on the island:- Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

The distance between the locations is very close, so you can rent a motorbike for about 150,000 VND/day excluding gas. Or you can rent a bicycle if you go to places near the town because bicycles can’t cross the slopes far away.

In addition, you can also rent an electric car if you go in a large group, if you take a taxi or motorbike taxi, you should ask for something first and should bargain to avoid being “screamed”.

5. Hotels in Co To – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Currently, Co To tourism is very developed, so food services, hotels, motels and homestays are very developed. The cost of renting a room ranges from 300 to 700 thousand VND, note that you should book a room a few weeks before going to avoid the case of running out of rooms.

My experience when traveling to Co To is to choose hotels and motels right in Co To town, because at night, the town has many places to eat and drink, in addition, the town is very close to the seaport. You can walk to see the sea at sunset.

Homestay services are increasingly popular with tourists because of their affordable prices and being able to immerse themselves in nature.

6. Experience of traveling to Co To island 3 days 2 nights: – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Day 1: Departing from Hanoi at 6 am at Pham Hung Street, we ride Kumho Viet Thanh car. The bus gets off right at Cai Rong port, so it’s very convenient, buy train tickets at the ticket office or there will be a trigger for sale right on the bus when you are about to get off. 13h30 board the Quang Minh speedboat to Co To, you can experience the feeling of riding a speedboat and watching the sea.

Arriving at nearly 3:30, the hostess came out to pick us up, check in and rest because I was too tired after a long day of driving. In the evening we went to eat and then rented a bicycle to walk around town (cost 50k for 1 rental).

Day 2: get up at 5 am to catch the sunrise at Mong Rong rock beach (formerly known as Cau My), then have breakfast, and start renting a car to visit places such as the road of love, the relic area. Souvenirs of Ho Chi Minh (these two places are about 50 to 100m apart, so you can walk and enjoy the scenery here).

Experience of traveling to Co To island 3 days 2 nights
The road of love

Ho Chi Minh memorial site on Co To island
Ho Chi Minh memorial relic site
Then go to the Lighthouse to park the car and climb to the Lighthouse. The scenery here is very beautiful and romantic for you to enjoy the scenery and take souvenir photos. Next, our group went to Van Chay beach and Hong Van beach.

Beautiful Co To Beach
Co To Beach

Both these beaches are very beautiful with fine white sand and clear blue water, here you can enjoy walking, playing in the water and swimming. In the evening, our group went to the beach to swim, then grilled seafood to eat right at the beach.

Day 3: When it comes to Co To, no one does not know about Co To, after breakfast, we went to visit Co To Con, which is considered the most beautiful beach in Co To. Little Co To is uninhabited, but it is a tourist attraction because of its wild beauty, long white sand beaches surrounding the island and always clear blue water.

Little Co To Island
Little Co To Island

To go to Co To, you can rent a boat, wooden boat costs 600 to 800,000 VND (1 route) and 1 trip can carry from 10 to 12 people. Travel time from 20 to 30 minutes.

12h check out and prepare to return to Cai Rong and then catch the bus back to Hanoi at 21:30.

In addition, you can organize night squid fishing, watching the sunset or paragliding (this is an adventure sport loved by many young people). Besides, Co To also has famous tourist destinations such as: Thanh Lan Island, Bac Van beach, Tran Island, …

7. What to eat in Co To? – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Going to the beach, of course, eat Seafood, Co To has a lot of fresh seafood such as: nail snails, sea worms, abalone, shrimps, sea crabs, cockles, Co To jellyfish, grilled surface, …

Delicious food in Co To island
Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Nail snail

Famous and cheap seafood restaurants in Co To for your reference: Út Thanh restaurant right in Co To town, Ngoc Quynh restaurant at Van Chay beach, Hai Au restaurant, Bien Xanh restaurant ,….

8. Note when traveling to Co To – Private car from Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

  • In Co To, there are often power outages on the weekends, so it is necessary to bring a backup flashlight for backup.
  • Bring mosquito repellent, stomach upset, and sunscreen.
  • See the weather forecast of travel days to make the trip fun and convenient

The above article is a few travel experiences on Co To island that you can refer to, hopefully it will help you get more information to make the trip more meaningful and interesting.

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